Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mother’s Day: If you made your mom cry, will your own child make mommy cry too?

Mom had just recently got out from the hospital. Before she was admitted to the hospital, she has been complaining in difficulty of breathing. My mom is consistently seeing her cardiologist to monitor her health condition. At her age of 62, we cant blame her if her health is starting to deteriorate fast.

Honestly, I dont want mom to be admitted at the hospital for lots of reason. Finances, Time, and Stress reason. I cried when mom got in to the hospital. My siblings is starting to pint point who should be responsible for my mom’s hospitalization. Among all the siblings I’m the one who is not capable of paying off her hospital bills. However, I’m the one who can speak to my mom about her condition.

At the hospital, the eldest sibling were having a small fight with our mom. Until mom really wept to tears. I understand mom straggle in life, sometimes its just hard to understand why does her health is badly affected when mom is doing nothing at home. She does not need to worry about money and paying off her utility bills since we siblings shoulder that for her.

At home while playing with my own son, I asked myself will my baby do the same to me in the future? Will he make me cry too? I pray not. I hope this incident is not a disgrace in the Lords eyes.

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

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