Saturday, May 22, 2010

Debts vs. Debts

Its been quite awhile since my last posting... Been too busy handling necessities in life. I just found this little time of mine to relax from harshness of work.

While doing my tons of pending workload I got to read a blog post from Shaina. Yes it is interesting!! Oh Well, honestly I am one of the thousand clients that she/he maybe calling everyday. But first, I would like to Thank Banker for his support and advices for those people who are afraid/confused/ignoring the collection agent calls, demand letters, and baranggay personnel who have been used by the collection agency as one of their tactics to put those people who have debts in the spotlight.

Shaina is right... If you cant pay don't borrow money.
However, I would have to disagree in some of his/her point of view. We are not hiding from our obligations nor afraid of collection call. We do not want to be harassed everyday. I guess I do not have to elaborate each harassment we get from the collection agents.

To quote "
KUNG AYAW MONG SINGILIN KA WAG KANG MANGUTANG..." lets just be fair.. if not because of us (delinquent cc holder) there isn't any job opening for collection agent... simple... It is the collection agent's responsibility to collect and its our responsibility to pay. *just be nice* ^_^v