Thursday, May 8, 2008

Men: Why men are immature??

This is not a gender discrimination topic. I wonder why women thinks men are immature.

My husband... should I say?... At his age of 29 married with 1 kid. Is a self-centered with over flowing pride. When I gave birth.. we often fight over petty things. He cant get over with his drinking friends, often comes home late w/o informing and cant even ask if the baby and I were okay.

Can those instances be considered MEN ARE IMMATURE?

Probably, I've been expecting for him to fulfill his duty as the leader of the relationship. Though, he is a leader because I am confiding him for decision making. However, when he makes decision it would take him months - years before he can decide. Is it because its hard for them to accept what may be the consequences of the decisions they are making?

Sometimes, I am thinking if men are afraid to handle responsibilities. However, God design men to be a leader. Or this is a peer pressure to them. Probably, its there parents upbringing. I still cant get the point why men are immature?

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