Saturday, May 17, 2008

Different Beliefs

I grew up in a Christian family. Studied and Graduated in Catholic school. Being different with what I believe and stand for somehow, affected my academic ability in school. I thought I can survive in such different culture but I was wrong.Anyway, while on my way to work and so happened I have to do some official errands. Walking as fast as I could like I don't care if I bump anyone then I realized I'm about to bump a Catholic Nun walking in a pedestrian lane. I slowed down while walking. She's wearing a long black skirt, and a blue Vail. The nun walking slowly while cars and taxi have to stop to let her crossed the street safely.

Back to reality.... Ooppsss!!! I wonder if people would give the same respect to Christian Pastors and Elders with the same value they are giving to the Catholic Official (Priest and Nuns) since we can be easily distinguished them with their attire while on public places?

Unless, these people knew they are Pastors and Elders, Right?


desperateblogger said...

i agree with you. catholic priests and nuns are afforded more respect since they are wearing the "cloth".

evangelical pastors and elders? ummm... they are treated as regular people unless they flash a "badge" saying " hey! i'm a minister respect me more then regular". =)

MrAdventure said...

It's a symbol that carries a lot of weight. I wouldn't want to have to wear all of that in order to get respect though.

Shouldn't we all be showing each other the same respect anyway?