Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Save Life - Donate a blood!

Yesterday, I donated 450cc of my blood for a former officemate who is still in the hospital and in critical condition. This is my 2nd time to donate. My first experience was when my mom needed 2 bags of type O blood. To save us from buying at the blood bank my sister and I donated our blood. I am a Type A blood carrier anyway. Oh well, thats not a prob whether what type are you, the point here is you save life.

I immediately texted George the official updater of the condition of our officemate, to inform the family that I donated blood. Since I dont want to visit them. George asked me if its okay with me if he will announce my name to let other know that I donated blood. I answered YES! why should I hide this situation. I should be proud of myself that I help someone and to the fact that our officemate is in critical condition and of course is also now in financial problem. Probably I would not let other know if I donated blood if the patient is someone who can afford to buy all people blood.
In this situation, I would rather encourage more people to help my former officemate and donate blood if they can especially he would go another operation soon.

Though, I've known this person for a short period of time. At least, I would say he touched my heart. Especially concerning about credit card debts. And he was able to help me during the graveyard shift that I cant even answer silly questions that I'm getting from people nowhere.

For now, during the blood donation session, I lifted my blood to the Lord. And asked his mighty hands to completely heal him from pancreatic infection and he would survive another operation. May all his pain be gone and also his sickness. May the Lord give his family the strength and comfort while they are battling this situation.

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